Division PACKAGING – laminate tubes production and printing

Foil and label printing

Printing is carried out using a Ko - Pack S400 rotary letterpress machine (made in Japan) with a central drum, six printing stations and a flexo varnishing unit. The machine is equipped with a UV curing system for colours and varnish and a cooling system and can be also used for gold, silver or colour stamping decoration. We have our own graphic studio which is fully at the disposal of customers over the entire process of graphic and manufacturing preparation up to approval of the final graphic design.


The maximum print width of material is 385 mm. Individual print lengths are determined according to the diameter of the used print roller (developed length of print plate). A maximum print length of 425.45 mm can be currently used.

The machine can print on material 20 to 400 microns thick. It can also print on foil-type materials – BOPP, PET, PE, and various laminated combinations of these materials and coated paper for packing various products. The machine’s accessories include a station for cutting labels using top-quality materials such as PE, PP and coated paper with a highly polished surface. Printed materials are delivered in windings up to a maximum diameter of 800 mm, on reel cores with a diameter of 76 mm or 150 mm, and stacked on pallets and packed in stretch foil.