Service EMBALLAGES – production et impression de tubes laminés

Sustainable material solutions

In our effort to lessen environmental damage and increase, where possible,
the opportunities for environmental enhancement, ZALESI:

  • focuses on its own processes and activities,
  • tries to optimize, how resources are used across the supply chain,
  • participates in innovative material and component developments with our suppliers and independent institutions.

As a result of above mentioned, we are ready to present few SUSTAINABLE MATERIAL SOLUTIONS for your packaging, with reduced environmental impact:


Sustainability has evolved from a niche theme to a megatrend. Finding the right balance between RECYCLABILITY + LIGHTWEIGHTING on one hand side and PRODUCT STABILITY, QUALITY, SAFETY + CONSUMER USE on the other hand side is however a tricky process.

Please be aware of the fact, that functionality of the packaging must be properly tested and assessed for each particular product as some material combinations do not work with some types of fillings for whatever reasons.
We will gladly provide you with more details regarding each of above promoted sustainable solutions. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are interested in information or tube samples.

Your Zalesi team