Division PACKAGING – laminate tubes production and printing


Laminate foils

The tube’s tubular section consists of multi-layer laminate foils:

Laminate tubes ABL PBL

ABL foil (Aluminium Barrier Laminate) in white or silver (glazed aluminium)
PBL foil (Plastic Barrier Laminate – EVOH barrier) in white, transparent or semitransparent

Laminate tubes – necks

The range includes a wide assortment of necks with various diameters of squeezing openings and types of thread for each diameter.

Laminate tubes – caps

The tubes can have cone-shaped, tubular or flip-top caps according to the customer’s requirements. 25 mm, 35 mm, 40 mm and 50 mm diameter tubes can have oriented flip-top caps with the opening towards the face of the tube. The range includes white, transparent and various matt and glossy colour alternatives with smooth or grooved surface treatment.

Laminate tube – membrane

To increase consumer protection the neck of the tube can have a safety membrane which is torn off before the first use.

Laminate tubes – decoration

Our graphic and print options are almost unlimited. Letterpress printing is used and six direct colours can be combined (or CMYK + 2). The surface is protected by glossy, matt or satin UV varnish. To highlight the exclusive appearance of the packing cold or hot stamping in silver, gold or colour can be used.

Graphic designs production

Zálesí has its own graphic studio which fully assists customers throughout the entire process of graphic and manufacturing preparation of the design up to approval of the final graphic design.